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Zones is an app that makes arranging windows on your Mac desktop super-easy.

It uses the accessibility API of Mac OS X to allow quick resizing and positioning of your windows.

You can simply snap the windows to the edge of your desktop and they are aligned nicely. This is inspired by similar apps, most notably the window arrangement features of Windows 7 and, lately, Ubuntu Linux.


You can download Zones here.

Version History

Oct-27-2014 - version 1.0.2: Added a popup that notifies the user that he has to enable the Accessibility-API. (Notifies every 60 seconds unless Accessibility settings are enabled.)


How do I install the app so it automatically starts when I boot my Mac?

1. Open System Preferences and then click Users & Groups.

2. Select your name on the left and Login Items on the right.

3. Click the + - Sign. Select Applications and then select Zones

4. Close the window. Zones should start now when you reboot your Mac.

I cannot position my window!

Try clicking another window and then return to the one you want to position. Please note that some windows cannot be resized. Some windows also have a fixed minimal width or height that cannot be changed.

The app doesn't work at all

Make sure your have enabled accessibility for Zones. If not, do the following:

1. Open System Preferences and then click Security.

2. Select Accessibility on the left and Privacy on the right.

3. Set the checkmark next to the Zones icon. (You may have to click the lock icon and unlock with your password first.)

I found a bug! (Something doesn't work as it should.)

Please write an email to so it can be fixed as quickly as possible.


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